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Rape suspect free for 11 years, despite victim naming her attacker

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis woman may finally get justice after her rape kit sat untested for nearly nine years.
11 years after being attacked, the woman said she is still traumatized by what took place. 
She said back in 2004 her then-boyfriend raped her.
"When I told him no and he still forced himself on me, yeah that was rape," the woman said.   
Even though she knew her attacker, she said her sexual assault kit was thrown into the stack of more than 12,000 untested kits in
the City of Memphis.
It wasn't until 2013, nine years after the attack, that she was notified the DNA from her kit had been tested. The woman also said it wasn't until this month that detectives were able to match the DNA to her accused attacker when he ended up in jail for unrelated charges.

"To know that person is still out there on the street, that's not safe, and they need to lock that person up right away," she said.

She is now working with detectives as they move toward an indictment, and at that time his name will be released to the public.

But even with this latest development, she said the system failed her. Over the years, she explained, she ran into her attacker on numerous
"I was scared for my life basically all over again," she said.  

Something she said wouldn't have happened if he would have been locked up. Now as she tries to move forward, she also wants to spread
an important message.
"If someone forces themselves on you and you did not give them the okay, that's rape," she said.

Right now there are still more than 6,000 untested sexual assault kits in the City of Memphis.

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