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NCRM visitors react to NAACP leader pretending to be black

(Photo source: KHQ) (Photo source: KHQ)

NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has been outed as Caucasian by her very own parents.

Her estranged parents told NBC affiliate KHQ that Dolezal has been pretending to be black since 2006 or 2007.

Now, the activist and African Studies teacher at Eastern Washington University is being investigated to determine if she lied on her job application, when she listed herself as African American, Caucasian, and Native American.

Her parents told KHQ their daughter is Czech, Swedish and German.

"She wants to recreate reality," Dolezal's mother said. "She wants to just reinvent it herself."

Visitors at Memphis' National Civil Rights Museum were baffled by the story.

"Love the skin you're in," Victoria Davis said.

"If you're representing a cause, you should fight it authentically," Molly Baum said.

"It's not OK to pretend you're something you're not," Hailey Harmon said.

Memphis Rainbow PUSH Coalition President Joseph Kyles' uncle was on the Loraine Motel balcony when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. He said this should make people think.

"I don't understand why the young lady did it, but it really begs the question that the boxes we put each other in--this race thing is one race," Kyles said. "It's the human race. Maybe we need to start moving closer to that."

Kyle went on to say that he is uncomfortable with Dolezal capitalizing on African American pain.

"If they elected her based on her skill set and not based upon her skin complexion, we really need to be moving closer to content of character."

Here is video of a KXLY reporter confronting Dolezal about her identity.

"Regardless of the type of hue or whatever skin complexion you have, understand who you are and you're God's gift," Kyle said.

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