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GORUCK event tests mental and physical strength


Walking for hours in 90 degree heat was all apart of the task for a group testing their strength.

People from all walks of life beat the heat Thursday night all the way into Friday afternoon to test their physical and mental capabilities.

Police officers, firefighters, even a few FBI agents, along with some civilians took part in the GORUCK event in Jonesboro.

GORUCK is backpack manufacturer that also puts on The Challenge.

The event was a 24 hour long challenge that tests strength, both mentally and physically.

Participants must carry a backpack that starts out weighing 30 pounds while completely different missions.

The Jonesboro GORUCK challenge included doing mission oriented exercises at the ASU ROTC building.

All the GORUCK instructors are former or current Special Forces Operators, and they take this opportunity to share their experience and some of the lessons they've learned about persevering.

Derek Zahler, GORUCK instructor, said people do it to test their boundaries.

“It's spiritual, emotional experience they take away,” Zahler said. “They get to learn a lot more about themselves. Especially their goals and what they perceive their ability to achieve those goals are.”

Zahler said in a small way, those who participate learn what the military goes through.

“It's really getting to connect with people who are like minded," Zahler said. "Not everyone you share this experience with was in the military and you find they come from all over.”

Individuals do pay money to take part in the fitness challenge. Part of the proceeds raised from the event are donated to military charities.

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