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HIGH 5: Chilcutt's Memphis Martial Arts six-week self defense class wraps up

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Chilcutt's Memphis Martial Arts offers several classes in self defense, and today wraps up a six-week class of women's self defense training.

We were there as the class kicked off after a string of violent events targeting women.

"A 6-week empowerment course, mainly based on street smarts with the element from Gracie Ju-Jitzu, and that's our backbone from what we teach here," said Chad Chilcutt.

In April, WMC Action News 5's Kendall Kirkham jumped into action to find ways you could protect yourself. Many of the women said they were motivated to take the course after seeing reports on Action News 5 showing ways to protect yourself.

The Chilcutt's MMA instructors who taught Kendall also took these women through their six-week course.

"I thought It would be good to help with self-assurance and in case something were to happen," said student Joan Hinrichs. "It is scary times in Memphis, our crime rate is high and you never know what's around you all the time."

The women say they feel like the techniques they learned in the class could one day save their life or someone else's.

We're sending out a huge High 5 to the class participants today after six weeks of hard work; well done!

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