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Family member says DHS was called several times before 2-year-old was killed

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In an exclusive interview with WMC Action News 5, an anonymous family member has revealed information about the past of Raven Campbell, the mother who was charged with neglect and abuse after her 2-year-old son, Jermyle, died yesterday.

The family member said DHS has given them the baby at least three times and Raven had left Jermyle on her stoop more than once.

The family member said they went to court in December to attempt to gain custody of the child, but the judge granted Campbell custody. 

The family member said Raven told them from the day Jermyle was born, she did not want him and wanted to kill him and be free. 

They said the only reason she kept the baby is because the grandmother wanted her to and she wanted the benefits. 

They also said the mother and grandmother used to beat the child with extension cords so he would go to bed. 

Several family members are said to have called DHS multiple times, and the daycare also called because he would arrive at the school with dirty clothes, and they could tell he had not eaten and he had bed bugs. 

"She needs to be charged with everything they can give her because she did that," the relative said. "That baby was suffering before he left this world. You don't know how he was trying to catch his breath when he was suffocating. You just don't know."

Jermyle's grandmother refused to comment on the matter.

The case is still under investigation, and police have not determined the exact cause of death.

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