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A Better Mid-South: Jermyle Campbell

(Source: Family) (Source: Family)

Editorial by WMC Action News 5 General Manager Tracey Rogers:

Sadness and anger are just two emotions many of you have expressed to me over the past few days after learning of the death of 2-year-old Jermyle Campbell.

Jermyle's 19-year-old mother, Raven, is now charged with murder, along with child abuse and neglect after court papers show she punished the young boy by putting him under a mattress.

A family member told us the mother and grandmother disciplined Jermyle by hitting him with extension chords.

To make matters worse, police responded to the home 36 times in the last two years, EMS had been called to the home 16 times, and the Department of Children's Services had taken Jermyle from the home at least three times.

The family member told us the family tried to get custody of the boy in December, but the judge would not take Jermyle away from his mother.

And now, he's dead. And that is not OK. It is not OK to discipline your child this way. It is not OK the system obviously failed Jermyle.

Tell me your thoughts on this horrific loss.

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Getting our children out of abusive situations will make this a safer and Better Mid-South.

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