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Memphis AME church joins nationwide prayer

11 p.m. prayer service at St. Andrew AME Church (Source: WMC Action News 5) 11 p.m. prayer service at St. Andrew AME Church (Source: WMC Action News 5)

At noon Eastern Standard Time, hundreds of African Methodist Episcopal Churches across the nation held simultaneous prayer.

The AME churches were paying their respects and seeking guidance from God in the aftermath of a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

At the St. Andrew AME Church on South Parkway took part in the nationwide prayer.

"We're called as shepherds even to die for the sheep as our Shepherd--the Good Shepherd--Jesus Christ, died for all of us," Reverend Agnes Henderson said.

"To see another AME church damaged; to see a church period attacked for no particular reason is very sad to me and disheartening," St. Andrew member Joel Weathers said.

The Memphis church believes places of worship are not beyond violent attacks.

"Pastors all over our city and the state and the nation have made preparations for increased vigilance," pastor Kenneth S. Robinson said. "We understand that the threat is always around us."

In addition to praying for the families torn apart in the Charleston shooting, St. Andrew AME members prayed for the man police said opened fire.

"Pray for people at Emanuel AME Church, pray for Charleston, and even perhaps pray for the perpetrator because something is very, very wrong with that young man," Robinson said.

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