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'Clear it, check it, lock it' becomes battle cry for gun safety

Clip from Evolve's video (Source: YouTube) Clip from Evolve's video (Source: YouTube)

A new gun campaign is calling for America to "stop shooting itself in the foot."

A non-profit called Evolve hopes their new battle cry will get people thinking about gun safety.

"Of course your gun is safe, but maybe other people get distracted because America is so full of handsome movie stars and delicious hamburgers," the recently uploaded YouTube video said. "The problem is too much stuff is getting shot by accident like toddlers and full grown people."

The video is Evolve's version of stop, drop, and roll, and it comes with its own catchy safety technique: clear it, check it, lock it.

"After using a firearm, one should clear the chamber, then check the chamber, then check it again. If there's a safety, put it on, then lock it up."

In June, a Memphis 4-year-old found his dad's gun and accidentally killed himself.

School counselor Robert Thompson said the video might help raise awareness.

"Anything that allows them to be aware I think is a good thing," Thompson said.

But Jackie Howard does not agree.

"A catchphrase is not really stopping anything," Howard said. "If you love your child, you'll keep your child safe and your gun locked away, because you got the gun to protect your family."

WMC Action News 5's Kontji Anthony talked with experts to learn the best practices when it comes to keeping your family safe. She will have a full report ready for you on Thursday at 10 p.m.

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