Program teaches math skills

A Mid-South mentor is helping some students understand some tough concepts. Here's a story of hammers and nails, math and making the grade. Carpenter Perry Wilson learned the hard way they best way to understand math is to beat it. That's why he started a tutoring program, If I Had a Hammer. Wilson said, "I started because I couldn't read until I was an adult. I couldn't pass any of my math classes and I became a carpenter and started to understand through application I could do any mathematics." Wilson partnered with the University of Memphis and alumni and former NBA standout Elliot Perry to share his techniques for learning math with students primarily in fifth through eight grades. Elliot Perry said, "It's a way of learning out of the box. It's a hands on experience." With goggles on, carpenters with apron on and hammers in hand, Georgian Hills Junior High School students were ready to build a house and sharpen their math skills. Student Barry Owens said, "I learned about perimeter, area and all that stuff. I use to didn't know how to do that stuff until now." Students learn math and have fun doing it. Student Shanella Seay said, "I think it's fun and I'm learning something. It's teaching me about the perimeters and the area and I'm experiencing more about building a house." The program teaches students school is about individual accomplishments, life is about team work.