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Flag raising ceremony held for Jermyle Campbell

Jermyle Campbell (Source: Facebook) Jermyle Campbell (Source: Facebook)
(Source: Shelby County Jail) (Source: Shelby County Jail)

Many family and friends came together to fight for justice following the death of 2-year-old Jermyle Campbell.

One of those family members was Angela Campbell, Jermyle's cousin. She, along with others, were at the flag raising ceremony at the Memphis Child Advocacy Center Monday morning.

The ceremony was held to honor Jermyle's life.

"I just wish things could have gotten better before he left this world," Campbell said.

Jermyle's mother, Raven Campbell, is now in jail, facing murder charges.

Police say she admitted to placing a mattress over the boy for 20 to 30 minutes, and when she lifted the mattress, he was not breathing. She also told police she was responsible for the scratches and bite marks on her son's body.

"She used to pop him, whip him with extension cords and make him go to sleep," an anonymous family member said.

A family member said she tried to get custody of the boy in the past.

As reported before, there were more than 50 emergency calls to Jermyle's home in the past two years.

"I just think they failed me on every corner and said he was in a safe place, and I just knew it wasn't safe for him," Campbell said.

Court records show several family members tried to remove the toddler from Campbell's home, but the cases were all dismissed.

Despite this tragedy, Angela Campbell says she is going to be with her cousin every step of the way.

Raven Campbell is due in court again next Monday.

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