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Hundreds of SCS teachers unemployed, union frustrated

Hundreds of Shelby County School teachers are looking for work, because their teaching contracts will not be renewed.

Many teachers received letters June 11 notifying them that they would no longer be needed in the classroom.

Some of those teachers have found jobs, but more than 250 of them are still looking.

SCS cut more than 500 teaching positions for the 2015-2016 school year.

"It is just a great disservice and displacement to teachers who have given much of their time, energy, life, and tax paying dollars to this community," Memphis-Shelby County Education Association President Keith Williams said.

SCS said the reductions are a reaction to school closures, Achievement School District take over, I-Zone schools, and enrollment changes.

"It's just devastating you know, you're making X amount of money and then all the sudden now you're not, and you didn't know until now," Memphis-Shelby County Education Association Executive Director Ken Foster said.

The Memphis-Shelby County Education Association said it is trying to help recently let go teachers find work, but union leaders feel the group is being left out of the loop.

The union said the administration has not provided them a list of teachers in need of a jobs or granted the union access to job fairs.

SCS said it keeps hiring fairs private to "respect the privacy of those teachers/administrators who have been displaced."

"We've been promised the information," Foster said. "We've never received it."

Each year, SCS gives the the union a reemployment list once it is finalized.

The union said the summer cuts will destabilize classrooms and put children's education at risk.

"These children are some of the most fragile children in the state and nation." Williams said. "They deserve a stable force, teaching force in these buildings."

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