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Biker Dad: A truckload of support for homeless veterans


Members of the US Military Vets Motorcycle Club collected about a half ton of food along with money Saturday. The afternoon benefit at the Walmart in Millington ended with a big success. The food and the funds were delivered by pickup to Alpha Omega and will provide meals for homeless vets for a few months organizers tell me. The Alpha Omega house provides housing, food, counseling and also helps homeless veterans find jobs. Many are homeless because of problems like PTSD.

Veterans are a huge part of the biker community, especially in the Mid-South. Many experienced loss, tough times, combat PTSD and come through it all to live their lives and ride with us. But for too many, that's just not the case. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 49,933 veterans are homeless on any given night. 

Just think about bike night on Beale. We are confronted with the issue each and every Wednesday. The homeless, many who ask for help and say they are veterans, walk up and down the street on bike night asking for food or money.

On the first bike night this year, I was approached by at least three men who said they were homeless vets. I was wary about giving them money. But when one of the men said he just wanted something to eat. I bought him a burrito and a coke.Was he actually a vet? I can't be sure. I didn't ask for proof. I just bought him a bite to eat, hopped on my bike, and drove to my home where I had plenty of food and a clean place to sleep.

There are ways to help veterans dealing with homelessness, and you don't have to worry that it's above board.

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