What we are working on Wednesday morning - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

What we are working on Wednesday morning

 Happy Wednesday!

Here are some of the stories you'll see on WMC Action News 5 this morning beginning at 4:30:

Lighting struck a Mid-South home overnight and started a fire forcing the family out. We'll take you to the scene this morning.

In the wake of the murders in Charleston, South Carolina the push to remove the confederate flag is growing louder and larger across the country and across the Mid-South. 

Shelby County school leaders are at odds over whether or not to extend the contract for Durham Bus Services. It was clear that the school board was not happy with the bus company after a number of problems. We'll explain what came out of an intense meeting.

Ballet Memphis is now expected to move into the property where French Quarter Inn is now. We're talking about the move and what it could mean for Overton Square. 

Two out of seven people accused of being involved in a fight outside the Logan's Roadhouse in Cordova are now in jail. Details this morning on WMC.

New details in the case of a Collierville Lawyer accused of trying to poison his wife and hiring a hitman to kill her. Learn what the Supreme Court of Tennessee did with Fred Auston Wortman III after calling him a "threat of substantial harm to the public."

Weather update:
Hot and humid, possible storms this afternoon and another heat advisory in effect through tonight. Details on the day and the rest of the week on WMC Action News 5 this morning every 10 minutes.

Here are the top stories on wmcactionnews5.com :

Mother rabbit attacks snake that invaded nest
Heavy rain creates golf course sinkhole in Lenexa
$1M stolen from Masonic group; $240K spent on Grizzlies tickets
Couple crowdfunding home sale with essay contest
Viral Photo: Officer sings to girl after father dies in crash

We are also giving away two Tim McGraw tickets this morning for his concert Thursday, August 13 at 7 p.m. at Snowden Grove Amphitheatre in Southaven. Your chance to win is at 6 a.m. Join us as we get going this morning beginning at 4:30 a.m. on WMC Action News 5.

Andrew Douglas

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