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Choosing food and drink to keep you cool in the summer

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With the start of summer in full swing and the heat right on schedule, summer time makes for a perfect chance for people to grab their favorite cool beverages and frozen treats to beat the heat. But did you know that foods that may seem like cool choices may cause the opposite effect on your body?

According to Chinese traditions, there are such things known as "cooling foods" and "warming foods." Cooling foods help to clear heat and toxins from the body, while warming foods increase heat by increasing circulation—which uses unnecessary energy. Examples of warming foods: meats, spices, and root vegetables that act like an internal space heater!

Here are eight foods that naturally cool down your body and provide you with a delicious and healthy way to cool down:

1) Watermelon. This fruit acts like your body's internal air conditioner with the melon consisting of 90 percent water.

2) Cucumbers. Have you ever heard the expression, "Cool as a Cucumber?" Cucumbers are 96 percent water and are really hydrating. If you really need heat relief, a mixture of cucumbers and lemon really get the job done!

3) Peaches. These low calorie fruits are also a cool pick. With 88% water, they also contain Vitamins A and C which help promote healthy skin and only contain about 30-50 calories!

4) Apples. These are the perfect snack to cool you down and fill you up. Besides calming the hunger craving, apples are a great source of fiber and are 84 percent water.

5) Pineapples. This power food is a cooling agent with 87 percent water and is the only known source of an enzyme called bromelain which helps reduce inflammation in the body.

6) Leafy greens. Besides the nutritional value and the high water content, they are easy to digest which uses less energy and keeps you cool.

7) Lemon. Citrus fruits really have an awesome cooling effect and also help get rid of toxins in the body. Have you ever added lemon to your water? Well, not only does it increase the taste, it is good for your skin and immune system and keeps you cool at the same time.

8) Zucchini. These are an excellent source of Vitamin C. With 95 percent water, zucchini also is a great source of manganese which protects your body from free radicals (most importantly sun damage). It promotes collagen growth and bone growth.

Even though it is nice to grab a ice cream cone every so often on a hot summer day, these healthy foods can cool your body down like an internal A/C and have natural health benefits as well!

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak & Meteorologist Intern Adam Bowles

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