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Confederate flags fly off store shelves amid controversy

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A Mid-South store is completely sold out of a controversial item.

"With everything that has happened over in Charleston, literally over the last couple of days, everything that we've had in the inventory has been depleted," said Dennis Criscuolo, owner of

Criscuolo says that both online and in the store, customers across the United States scooped up all of their Confederate battle flags.

"Anything Confederate flag-related has been sold out," Criscuolo explained. "Our license plates, our patches, our little mementos, that has all been depleted too."

Criscuolo added that their suppliers also sold out, while three major flag manufacturing companies stopped making the controversial flag.

The shopping frenzy comes in the wake of the tragic mass murder of nine black Christians. The alleged shooter proudly displayed photos of himself with the Confederate battle flag and told police he wanted to start a race war.

The same symbol is a portion of the Mississippi state flag, and lawmakers are concerned about the message the emblem sends.

"We wanted to portray what I call the real image of what Mississippi is," said Mississippi Senator David Parker. "We as a state sometimes make a negative impression across the country."

Republican Senator David Parker and Democratic Senator Derrick Simmons teamed up to take down the Confederate symbol on the Mississippi flag.

However, the emblem sparked a debate across the country: Is the flag historical or a symbol of racism?

No matter the answer, Parker says it is time for a change.

"I think a connection is being made that is harmful to our state, and we need to recognize that if the flag is the reason that connection is being made, we need to be looking to make a change."

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