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Steamy, sultry temperatures may not stick around


JUNE HAS BEEN HOT! The “feels like” temperature has reached 108 degrees on two separate days this week. Actual temperatures ranged from 94 degrees at the beginning of the week to 98 degrees on Wednesday. 

In fact, we were just two degrees shy of breaking our record of 100 degrees set way back in 1953. 

Is it hot enough for you? Are you already sick of the heat and wishing for a break?

RELIEF IS ON THE WAY! Looks like we will get that break by the end of the weekend into early next week as a rare summer “cool” front will pass through the area and push to our south.  I don't like to call them cold fronts in the summer because it's never cold behind them. 

That will set the stage for highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. That's a break in late June here in Memphis. There is even a good chance temperatures over the next six to ten days will be average or below average according to the image below from the Climate Prediction Center. 

So what is average? Our average high this time of year is 91 and our average low is 72. We have spent much of June at or above average. We have had highs in the 90s every day except for two since June 7th.

LOOKING AHEAD TO JULY: We may even get lucky and see average or below average temperatures for much of July. 

The CPC map below has us on the edge of the cooler temperatures with the main area of below average temperatures to our west in the Plains. We are in an area of equal chances for cool or warm weather. 

El Nino is strengthening in the Pacific, which means sea surface temperatures are much warmer and that can affect our weather patterns. It usually means a cooler, wetter winter for the Mid-South. It usually doesn't impact the summer months as much, but it could have some impact.

Either way, our chances of seeing our actual temperatures over 100 for days at a time may be much smaller this year. But trust me, it will still be plenty hot and humid to hit the pool and the lake.

Enjoy the "less humid" weekend! 

Spencer Denton
Noon and 4 PM Meteorologist
Twitter: @sdentonwx
WMC Action News 5 Storm Tracking Team

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