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Dyersburg gym creates young boxing champions

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DYERSBURG, TN (WMC) - In the northwest kitty-corner of Tennessee, there's a garage, in the garage, there's a gym, in the gym, there's a coach.

That coach is Terance Reed and he teaches kids what they call the sweet science, boxing.

With all of that training, it's more like a sweat science, but every drop, pays off.

"We train, we do agility, we work on cardio, stuff like that,” said 13-year old boxer Kevon Brown. Brown is just one part of a very special gym in Dyersburg.

"To have one of the top gyms in the nation, I know my work is good,” said “Coach 'T' Reed. “I'm not bragging but I know my work is good."

His work, the cardio, the lessons with the mitts - has led to an innumerable amount of title belts. This little gym is full of champions, including Junior Olympics gold medalists.

“I guess I've beaten everybody, and I'm the most dominant in my weight class,” said Braden Reed, Terance's son and a Golden Gloves champion.

Team Reed has been successful at every tournament, no matter how big.

“At the Title Nationals in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we went up there and turned a lot of heads,” said Coach Reed.

Ranging from the lethal little one – 55-pound 8-year old champion 'Showtime' Roman Shelby, who Reed says “has some dog in him” to 132-pound Junior Olympic gold medalist Kevon “Crispy Kid” Brown, there's not a weight Team Reed can't dominate.

Reed's son Braden already has 14 belts.

"I got a lot of fights, I got 85 fights so I'm trying to go pro at 17 or 16."

And his daughter Teagan can TKO anyone in her weight class.

"To see my daughter win a national tournament and be number one in the nation is remarkable,” said Reed.

"I wanted to start boxing because it looked fun,” said Teagan.

For Coach T, it's not about the belts, it's more about the growth.

"The feeling is unexplainable, I'm very proud of them, just going out there and fighting in the ring and doing what I tell them to do,” said Reed.“Whether they win or lose, that's rewarding enough for me."

And there's the pride that the biggest punch might come from the smallest gym.

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