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Man of the House program mentors young men with life lessons

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In Memphis and across the country, young men grow up without a man in their house, without someone to look up to and aspire to be like.

Now, an African American group has stepped up and stepped in for those absent fathers.

On Monday, the Stax Museum became the meeting place for young men and mentors who want to guide them. Businessmen showed up to talk with young men about careers, repairing vehicles, life and becoming a man.

“What we are trying to do is take large groups of young men and expose them to the opportunities they never would have seen before,” said organizer Tony Nichelson.

Nichelson's Man of the House mentoring program brings together deputies, architects, business leaders and many more to talk with young men about growing up with respect.

“You know, every time you meet these kind of people, you will learn something, every single time you come here,” said 16-year-old Ashton Shepherd.

Shepherd wants to be an accountant. He said he is grateful for what he is learning from mentors.

“It wouldn't have been like this if it wasn't for the Lord and the people who brought me to where I am today,” he added.

Nichelson said he believes in a team concept.

People like Casey Red, a minster and motivational speaker, are determined to show young men ways to avoid crime, violence and negative influences on the street.

“The same way they taught them to be thugs and gangsters and gang bangers, we got to turn it and change it back around. We got to teach them something positive,” Red said.

Isaiah Armstrong came all the way from Birmingham, Alabama, to mentor the young men at this event.

“We're telling them to be more men of the house. If they can be more men of the house, they can be more men of the community,” Armstrong said.

Organizers hope the young men they mentored Monday will become mentors to others in the future.

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