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Memphis Lift looks to improve students at Memphis' worst schools

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Memphis Lift members shared the results of their door-to-door study at their news conference Tuesday. 

The study was aimed at identifying challenges faced by children in Foote homes and other neighborhoods with students in the bottom five percent of schools.

Memphis Lift visited approximately 3,800 homes for its study, asking parents about education. 

“Memphis Lift is here to lift Memphis up, our education system from where it's at right now, to greater heights,” Memphis Lift member Johnnie Hatton said about the organization. “And that's what we are going to do, is lift Memphis."

Memphis Lift is made of professionally-trained parent advocates and community members. They educate, engage, and empower people in Foote homes and other areas where schools are underperforming.

“I think we need to get together and come up with a solution for younger people,” parent Joshua Willett said.

Memphis Lift members heard from parents on every subject from school discipline to different reasons why students sometimes miss school. 

Willett cited issues such as not having the right type of clothes for school, being bullied, and gang activity as possible explanations.

Memphis Lift also talked with parents about what they can do to help their own children succeed in a low-performing school. 

At the conference, about a half-dozen people showed up to protest. They claimed that the organization is promoting an achievement school district and they are against that. 

But when WMC Action News 5 asked the organizers of Memphis Lift about such, they insisted that they are promoting education, not an achievement school district. 

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