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President Obama visits Nashville

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President Barack Obama was greeted with cheers at a Nashville elementary school Wednesday afternoon.

He spoke about the Affordable Care Act, which he called successful and five-years strong.

"Contrary to some of the expectations, not only has the law worked better than we expected, not only are 16 million people getting health insurance who didn't have it before, not only do we now have the lowest uninsured rate since we started tracking people and how much health insurance they have."

Obama told Tennesseans about the importance of healthcare insurance and why the Affordable Care Act proved to be a great option for millions of previously uninsured Americans. 

"It has actually ended up costing less than people expected," Obama explained. "The inflation of health care costs have actually proved to be the lowest since the ACA passed."

Many Tennesseans in the audience said they care most about adequate and affordable healthcare, no matter the source.

"It's so many people in Tennessee, not only in Tennessee but all over the world who need insurance and can't afford it," said Tennessean Sandra Lea.

"I have a son with a heart condition and because of that law, I don't have to worry about him being turned down for insurance or not being able to have insurance," added Tennessee resident Debra Edwards.

Others were not as happy with health care options available to them, including the ACA.

"I think they need to give us more health insurance, federal options that we can afford," said Nashville resident Kathy Mellenger.

Obama answered questions from Tennesseans during his speech. Many people were concerned about Insure Tennessee and whether the modified version of the ACA is necessary. Insure Tennessee failed in recent legislative sessions.

"My hope is that, on a bipartisan basis, in places like Tennessee and across the country, we can now focus on what we've learned: what's working, what's not working. Are there further improvements we can make to improve quality? Are there more ways we can encourage people to get preventative care?" Obama explained.

While President Obama said he's working to make sure all Americans have accessible healthcare insurance, some Tennesseans feel the current options are too expensive.

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