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Extra "hazy" sky thanks to Canada Wildfires


A northwesterly flow higher in the atmosphere has been sending a smoke plume from wildfires in northern Saskatchewan in Canada all the way down to the Mid-South. You can see the plume outlined in yellow on the high resolution Satellite imagery. It shows up as a foggy, gray mass that looks more like a thick blanket of cirrus clouds on satellite. That has a produced what looks like a thick summer haze across the Mid-South. It’s not quite as thick here as it is in the upper Midwest where it is actually having a greater impact on temperatures and air quality.

The smoke even made for some unique views of the sun and moon. Check out the red sun just before sunset Tuesday from @TN_WX on twitter. The smoke in the upper levels of the atmosphere can give an orange or yellow tint to the sky, moon or sun the same way high clouds do at sunrise or sunset. Pretty cool!

We may not see that effect the rest of the week with clouds and showers in our forecast. In fact, we have a large batch of rain to our north and west as of lunchtime Wednesday (see radar image below) that has helped decrease the smoky haze across the much of the region for now. Those wildfires may burn for a while though, so if we stay in this weather pattern, we could see the smoky haze return in a week or two.

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