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Cordova local trying her best to make it to NASCAR

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A young lady from Cordova is doing her best to be first on the race track.

22-year-old Morgan Turpen has been involved with racing for the last 11 years and is now working towards NASCAR, thanks to their new Diversity Driver’s Program.

Turpen turned her need for speed into a career around the Mid-South.

She won six main events so far and is currently the Points Leader on the United Sprint Car Circuit.

NASCAR's Diversity Driver's Program is the sport's way to get more women, minorities and those without direct connections to the sport involved in racing at the highest level.

"I see younger racers all the time, especially females. I mean it's not too uncommon now to see females racing, but definitely I've always thought that it would of never been possible to race sprint cars, much less try to get in the NASCAR program, so I'm just going to keep digging and I would suggest anybody not just females, but minorities, even young boys, whoever to dig and to do what you love," Turpen said.

NASCAR approached Turpen last year at Road Atlanta. She said after her record on the past few years, she felt it was time to send in her application.

"You send in an application and racing history and all that. I had to do an experience video, and they just look at a variety of different things, and I wanted to do it earlier than now, but I thought that since my resume was looking pretty good the last few years or has been looking good the last few years, that this year would be the best year to try to fit in," Turpen explained.

Turpen has a busy weekend coming up, she is racing at Crowley's Ridge Speedway on Thursday, Batesville, Arkansas on Friday, and at Riverside International Speedway Saturday night.

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