Controversial witness testifies in the O.C. Smith trial

Prosecutors called several witnesses who testified about changes Dr. O.C. Smith made at the Medical Examiners office.

Dr. Steve Sims, a pathologist who used to work at the Regional Medical Center said Smith "was the best I ever worked with. I just didn't like the way the office was run at the end."

Sims also testified about stories Smith told. "He told me he stood in front of a machine gun and was shot at five times."

Defense attorneys suggested Smith may have been pulling Sims' leg.

The witnesses also testified about what Smith looked like the day after he was discovered wrapped in barbed wire with a bomb tied around his neck.

Former Shelby County medical examiner Dr. O. C. Smith was found wrapped in barbed wire in 2002. Smith is accused of staging the attack himself.

Photos taken by police show what Smith looked like almost two days later.

There was a large red mark on one side of his face, cuts on his hands, on his ankle and a bruise on his knee.

Regional Autopsy tech Rhonda Jobe testified that Smith did have the injuries the pictures show hours after the attack, but his eyes were puffier.

She said when she saw him "I began to cry hysterically and ran to him and hugged him and he flinched in pain."

She testified Smith said "three second hug limit on the doctor."