TV show is raising new interests in psychics

It's a hit on the small screen, a new NBC drama focuses on communicating with the dead. Medium is raising new interests in psychics, but it's not without controversy. In the movie, "White Noise," Michael Keaton's character desperately wants to hear from his wife. Only thing is, she's dead. On TV it's NBC's newest drama, "Medium," where a psychic detective solves crimes by communicating beyond the grave. It's a growing phenomenon not just in movies and on television, but in video games, too. Entertaining, yes. But is the idea real? Do mediums and psychics really exist? One Mid-South woman says yes. A self-proclaimed psychic since the age of seven, "Natalie," as she calls herself, claims she can see, even talk to the dead. Chris Stahl disagrees. A member of the Memphis Freethought Alliance, he believes that when psychics make predictions, or claim to speak with our lost loved ones, it's a scam. He says they use generalizations that really anyone can relate to. But with a steady stream of clients, Natalie argues whether it's a reading of tarot cards at her desk or a prediction made on prime time Mediums, and their visions, are very real. And don't forget to catch an all new episode of Medium, tonight at 9 o'clock. Then, on Action News 5 at 10, a psychic detective helps out in a real Mid-South mystery. Can she solve the case? Carrie McClure will have that story at 10.