What we are working on Friday morning - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

What we are working on Friday morning

Happy Friday morning!

Here are some of the stories we're working on right now on WMC Action News 5:

A warrant is out for the arrest of a former Memphis Police Lieutenant. It's the latest in a series of blemishes on his record. We'll explain the warrant and the what happened.

More good news out of Memphis International Airport: More NON-STOP flights are landing in Memphis. American Airlines will add two daily non-stop flights between Memphis and New York-LaGuardia.

As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day... a warning from a mother this morning. Her 14-year-old son lost his left hand to fireworks that exploded in his hand. The warning and reminder that may help keep you and your family safe from fireworks this weekend.

A motorcyclist killed and another person hurt on a Memphis roadway early this morning. We're talking about what happened and letting you know what traffic is like as you hit the road this morning.

The traditional fireworks displays and other events draw out millions of people this weekend, but there's concern that individuals or groups might see that as an opportunity to make a statement. We have an update on how law enforcement is keeping us safe from potential terrorists.

The husband of a former CNN anchor shot and killed a suspected robber at a New Mexico hotel. Turns out the suspected robber is from Tennessee. We'll explain what happened and have more on the connection to the Mid-South.

Weather Update:
Rain, clouds and storms in the forecast today and this weekend. We will go in-depth with your forecast today and this weekend every 10 minutes on WMC Action News 5.

Here are the top stories on wmcactionnews5.com :

Couple married for 75 years die in each other's arms
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Police officers play basketball with kids
Mom accused of injecting feces into son's IV pleads guilty
Man's obituary simply reads 'Doug died'

Join us as we get you ready for the holiday weekend and salute this great country on WMC Action News 5.

Andrew Douglas

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