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Creature out of a sci-fi movie washes ashore

(Source: Sakhalin Media) (Source: Sakhalin Media)

To all of the fans of the blockbuster movie Jurassic World, this may be an interesting story for you! An unusual creature washed up on shore of Sakhalin Island which is located on the eastern part of Russia, which looks like it came from the actual island, Isla Nublar, itself!

Courtesy: Sakhalin Media

Witnesses say that the carcass (more than twice the size of a human) resembles a dolphin, but what baffles scientists is that it had a long beak and feathers like a bird! According to marine expert, Nikolay Kim, "It has fur. It's unusual. Dolphins do not have any fur. According to the characteristic of the skin, it is a rare species. I doubt that it lived in our waters. Most likely, the animal was brought by a warm current."  

An online commenter even joked, "Probably, our Russian summer is so cold that even the dolphins getting into our waters have to grow fur!"