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What we are working on Wednesday morning

Good Wednesday morning!

Here are some of the stories we're working on for you this morning:

We have a traffic alert this morning! If you are traveling downtown, there are closures you need to worry about today. We'll show you exactly which roads will be shut down and which roads you can take on WMC Action News 5 this morning..

Also breaking overnight there has been a third arrest in the shooting of a Beale Street Flipper during this past holiday weekend. Details this morning in a live report.

Shelby County Schools is under scrutiny after TCAP test analysis turned up possible cheating. The state says too many answers were erased and changed from wrong to right. The latest information on WMC Action News 5 this morning.

New developments in an East Memphis home invasion that has an entire neighborhood on the lookout. A Neighborhood watch alert issued overnight gives more insight on what happened to a family in their own backyard Monday night.

Trolleys are coming back to Downtown Memphis, but it's going to take some time. The trolley coalition met less than 24-hours ago to talk about what they need to do to get the trolleys back in service. We'll explain what was said this morning.

A woman due in court after turning herself in to police for hitting a man as he was trying to move a car out of the road. Details this morning on WMC.

Weather update:

Another warm and muggy start to your morning...it's already 79 right now; highs are expected to hit 90 today. Some scattered showers will be around the region today. Details on the day and the rest of the week...including a peek ahead to the weekend on WMC Action News 5 every 10 minutes.

Here are the top stories on wmcactionnews5.com:

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We have our coffee and we're ready for you to join us this morning on WMC Action News 5!

Andrew Douglas

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