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Memphis maintenance supervisor arrested for stealing gas from city

(Source: SCSO) (Source: SCSO)
A Memphis maintenance supervisor resigned after he was arrested for allegedly stealing gas from the City of Memphis.

Police officers said they caught William Macklin stealing gas at a city pump off Flicker street.
An officer stopped by the pump to refuel when he noticed a black pick-up truck parked there.  When he pulled closer, Macklin took off and left the gas pump unlocked.

When police caught up with the truck, they found five red plastic, 5 gallon containers filled with gas in the bed of the truck. Four of them contained 20 gallons of gas.
Macklin told officers he was a maintenance supervisor with the City of Memphis, and he really needed a few gallons of gas. Officers found a fuel key for the City of Memphis in his pocket. They arrested him because he did not have any identification on him. He was later charged with theft of property.  The amount taken totaled $55.

Employees have a key to the pump and have to type a code before getting gas.  There is a sign posted at the pump that said: “NOTICE: FUEL FOR CITY USE ONLY.”

Macklin has been with the city of Memphis since 2002; he was promoted to supervisor in 2012.  WMC Action News 5 stopped by his listed address but no one answered the door.  His neighbors were surprised to hear he was arrested and said they saw him mowing his lawn Wednesday night around 6:00 pm.

"I've never known him to steal nothing. Outside of this neighborhood, I don't know what he does with his personal time or what he does as part of his job description,” said Robert Smith.

The City of Memphis released the following statement Thursday:

“In regards to your inquiry, based on the information provided by Memphis Police Department (MPD) on July 8, 2015, City of Memphis employee William Macklin was arrested for allegedly stealing gas at 79 S. Flicker Street. He was not on duty at the time of the incident. Mr. Macklin has since resigned his position as a foreman in the Street Maintenance Department where he has been employed since February 2002. He was promoted to his most recent position as foreman in 2012. 

In the unfortunate case when a worker violates City policy, we are obligated to take the appropriate action and hold the worker accountable. The city will not tolerate theft of property, whether it is large or small. While this situation is unfortunate, the city has over 6,000 excellent employees that adhere to policy and procedure standards.”

Macklin resigned Thursday, effective immediately.
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