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Monkey still on the loose, spent Thursday night in drainage ditch

Zimm (Source: Memphis Zoo) Zimm (Source: Memphis Zoo)
(Source: Chopper 5) (Source: Chopper 5)

A monkey escaped from her enclosure at Memphis Zoo.

"She's a young, very spirited monkey," senior veterinarian Felicia Knight said.

That free-spirited bundle of energy, a 3-year-old, 10 pound macaque named Zimm, escaped her fenced-in enclosure. She led zoo employees on a chase and somehow got into a storm water drain, where she remained for hours.

"Because she's out of her comfort zone, she's scared," Director of Animal Programs Matt Thompson said. "So she's probably hunkered down in a little spot where we can't see her."

Zoo officials asked visitors to leave the area near Zimm. In the name of safety, Zoo officials escorted everyone to an area indoors. They said there was no real danger to visitors or other animals, but they wanted to take every precaution possible.

"We are always concerned about the safety of our guests, as well as our animals, and that is our utmost priority for sure,"Memphis Zoo Marketing Specialist Laura Doty said.

Still, some visitors were in shock.

"As we were looking at the primates, lo and behold, a little monkey ran right in front of us," zoo visitor Kimberly Cross said. "Five minutes before, my son said, 'Momma, can they get out?' I said, 'No, they can't get out,' and I tell you the truth he came right across from us."

More than three hours after the monkey's escape, zoo workers still couldn't capture her. Workers blocked off part of the drain where Zimm ended up and left out food to try to lure her out.

Zoo keepers added Zimm may be asleep and may not come out until Friday morning.  Staff members will continue to watch her to see if she comes out.

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