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What we are working on Friday morning

Happy Friday!!

Here are some of the stories we're working on for you this morning:

Monkey watch at the Memphis Zoo is getting national attention this morning. A ten pound primate named Zimm escaped from an enclosure less than 24-hours ago. Zoo Keepers don't know how she got out. They are out right now trying to get her back into her enclosure. We are live at the zoo with the latest efforts and information this morning.

The call to remove monuments to Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis have been heard. However there are some pretty big obstacles in the way for Memphis City leaders to remove Forrest's remains. We'll explain the hurdles and what's ahead.

More traffic closures to remind you about this morning...mainly downtown....It doesn't end until Wednesday. Our traffic tracker will guide you through the closures this morning.

Explosive allegations from a former Shelby County Schools teacher. She claims students were fed answers at one of two schools under investigation for possible TCAP test cheating. Hear from her this morning on WMC Action News 5.

A social media firestorm this morning now that accused child abusers no longer have to be convicted for their names to go online in Tennessee. For the first time in 20 years, the once private names are now public.

Love to shop online, but dread putting your credit card information out there? Now you don't have to...We have the details on the new technology you'll want to hear about.

The Confederate battle flag will be removed from above the grounds of the South Carolina state house. Governor Nikki Haley signed the bill less than 24 hours ago banning the Confederate flag from flying on the grounds of the capitol.

Weather update:
Another hot and humid today...It's already 77 in Memphis...highs in the mid 90s with a heat index in the triple digits..Details on the day, the weekend, and a peek to next week on WMC Action News 5 every 10 minutes.

Here are the top stories on wmcactionnews5.com:

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Echo, bait dog left for dead, gets second chance at life
Bears test new ORCA coolers at Memphis Zoo

We invite you to start your morning with us as we get you ready for the weekend on WMC Action News 5 from 4:30-7 a.m.

Andrew Douglas

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