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Monkey Watch day 2: Zookeepers unable to lure Zimm out of drain

Zimm (Source: Memphis Zoo) Zimm (Source: Memphis Zoo)

Zimm, a macaque monkey at Memphis Zoo, remains on the loose Friday.

The energetic 3-year-old monkey got out of her enclosure Thursday afternoon.

Zoo officials never lost sight of Zimm, but they did move zoo visitors to an inside location to make sure nobody was in danger.

Thursday night, zoo officials cornered Zimm in a storm drain. 

They closed off the drain and cleared pipelines underground. Zoo workers stood over manhole covers to watch for the young monkey. Workers even tried to lure her out with some of her favorite foods-- peanuts and bananas.

Zoo officials expect Zimm to come out of the storm drain sometime Friday, when she gets hungry--and maybe tired of all this attention.

The question on everyone's mind is, how did Zimm get out?  Even zookeepers are stumped as they evaluate their safety plans.

"We know that we have followed guidelines to the tee, but that will be part of the investigation afterwards," said Memphis Zoo Marketing Specialist Laura Doty.

The Association of Zoo and Aquariums said that Zimm's enclosure exceeds their minimum requirements.  Once she's back with zoo keepers, the zoo administration will have to send an incident report to the AZA letting them know how they could prevent an incident like this one in the future.

With Zimm still on the lam, Memphis Zoo opened as scheduled--at 9 Friday morning.

"It's just one of those things," said zoo visitor Kimberly Cross. "Something to talk about."
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