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MONKEY WATCH DAY 3: Zookeepers capture Zimm

Zimm (Source: Memphis Zoo) Zimm (Source: Memphis Zoo)

After three days of trying, zookeepers finally caught Zimm, the escaped macaque, Saturday.

Three-year-old Zimm escaped from her enclosure late Thursday afternoon. When zoo personnel were alerted, they quickly sprang into action to find her.

"She actually scaled the rock wall and then got to a stopping point and pushed herself off," Laura Doty of the Memphis Zoo said.

Zimm wandered around the zoo, before hiding in a drainage ditch. Zookeepers never lost sight of Zimm and remained near the drain where she hid.

“The key strategy here was patience. Zimm had a very big day yesterday, and she’s safe and secure now. I’d like to thank our staff for their dedication and hard work, and the continued support we received from the community,” Director of Animal Programs Matt Thompson said.

Zookeepers located Zimm around 9 a.m. Saturday.

"All along, we've been searching our culvert system on the east end of the zoo," Doty said. "We finally found her in that culvert system. Step-by-step, we systematically searched each inlet of the culvert system, and that's how we got her."

Memphis Zoo officials are conducting a thorough investigation into how Zimm escaped. Thompson noted that Zimm's exhibit meets all requirements set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

“She’s an extremely spirited, athletic animal. This is a very rare occurrence,” Thompson said.

The zookeepers left fruit for Zimm, who seems to go bananas for grapes.

"We dropped strawberries, bananas, apples, and peanuts on the first night," Doty said. "Last night, we added grapes. I guess she really loves grapes, because we found her this morning."

Zimm is being examined by the veterinary staff at the Memphis Zoo and will have a brief stay in the zoo's hospital before returning to her enclosure.

The zoo plans to make modifications to the exhibit Zimm shares with her two male lion-tailed macaques. They have also been taken from the exhibit until then.

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