Officers are speaking out about a weapon they are seeing more of on the streets

Mid-South officers are speaking out about a weapon they are seeing more of on the streets. The weapon is called S-K-S. It's not only a danger to you, but to officers as well. The thing that makes the rifle so threatening is its fire power, and officers are saying this is one weapon that you don't want to see in the hands of criminals. Recent Memphis police incident reports show more and more shootings involving SKS rifles are happening on Memphis streets. Capt. Ronnie Thompson, MPD said, "It's a weapon of choice were finding for a lot of the gangs that we are dealing with." And it's not just happening in Memphis. A gunman with an SKS rifle killed one police officer and wounded several others last June in Indianapolis. "We are talking about ammunition that will pierce a car, go through a house if they fire upon a house." And pierce police vests. That's why Memphis police and law enforcement officers across the country are speaking up for legislation that would make these kinds of weapons illegal and get them off the street. Officers say the guns are popular because of their low cost. But police are quick to say that low cost could one day become very expensive when it comes to safety in the community. However, the National Rifle Association maintains banning guns because criminals use them is like telling law abiding citizens their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct but on the behavior of the lawless.