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Searing heat hard on the young and young at heart

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The story for today and for the rest of the week is the heat!  We will be in the mid to upper 90's today with the heat index between 102 and 106! We are also under a heat advisory for today and tomorrow; this will most likely be extended throughout the week. 

It is especially important to check on the ones who are most vulnerable to the extreme temperatures--the very young and the elderly.

With back-to-school season starting up, children are trying to spend as much time outside as possible with summer camps, sports, splash pads and pools.  With the intense heat this week, it is important to check on the little ones since they are extremely vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat-related illnesses.

Some of the most important signs of dehydration in a child include: fatigue, lack of energy, dry tongue and lips, and extreme thirst. But don't wait until your child is thirsty to start giving them water. Send your child out to camp or practice fully hydrated and make sure they take frequent breaks to drink water throughout the day. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids need at least 5 to 9 ounces of water a few times throughout the day to stay properly hydrated.

For the elderly, the heat is extremely dangerous as well. Not properly taking care of themselves, not taking correct medication, and just being on their own in the summer are some of the top reasons why they are the most susceptible to heat related illnesses.

Reduced mobility can lead to serious consequences for the older age group. Certain medications which cause body temperature to fluctuate can also lead to heat exhaustion. Be sure to read the description on the bottles for information about what that particular medication may do to body temperature. 

Above all, if you have an elderly relative, neighbor or friend, check on them. Ignoring the symptoms of heat illness when no one is around can obviously lead to life-threatening consequences.

With summer in full swing, it’s a safe that this intense heat is here to stay for a while. By taking a few moments to check on those most susceptible to the worst elements, you and your loved ones can stay cool. 

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

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