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Storm damage covers parts of Mid-South Tuesday

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After a line of severe storms moved through the Mid-South Tuesday afternoon, many residents had to face damage to their homes and property.

Sherwood Forest, East Memphis

In East Memphis, at the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood, power lines snapped in half. Trees and branches were everywhere.

"It went down like dominoes on everything, like leaning over everything," Cindy House said.

Cindy House lives nearby and was, like many people, without power.

"It scared me. I went back to the house and everything," House said.

Not too far away on Northwood Drive, the heavy winds may have forced a large tree limb on top of Scott Borgort's SUV--blocking a portion of his street. He was just getting home from work.

"I ran for the garage door, and soon as I ran, I heard the crack, and then it just dropped this big limb on top of my Sequoia," Borgort said.

"He is going to have to suffer and drive my BMW for a while," Susan Whalen, who lives on Northwood Drive, said.

Meanwhile, on Mynders Street near South Highland, we found a tree limb toppled over Taylor Hartford's Honda truck. He was visiting his girlfriend when the tree limb fell.

"I drive for Papa John's in Horn Lake. I was supposed to go to work at 5:00, but I'm not going to be able to do that today," Hartford said.

Despite all this mess, many residents are being positive.

"They'll fix the truck. It'll be fine," Susan Whalen said.

No injuries were reported.

Philwood Avenue, High Point Terrace

A tree came crashing down on a house full of memories during the severe thunderstorm.

"I was sitting in that room when my dad bought it," Memphian Louellen Mills recalled. "I was probably 12 years old."

Mills now rents the family home to a tenant. That tenant had to be rescued from the building Tuesday when the storm uprooted a giant oak tree.

"Fortunately, the fire department got here and got her out," Mills said. "Everything was fine."

Someone called Mills at work and told her the house was badly damaged, but she didn't know the extent of the wreckage.

"I was thinking maybe a branch fell off and hit the, hit the porch," Mills explained.

In actuality, branches ended up through the roof, penetrating the ceilings of the rooms below.

Mills said that anything else in the home can be repaired or replaced.

"We're just thankful they're okay," Mills added. "That's the main thing."

Millington, TN

Extremely strong winds blew through Millington, knocking down trees and ripping off roofs.

"The wind started blowing dark clouds," recalled a woman who did not want to be identified. "I heard a noise and went around to the back as the tree came down on top of the trailer."

Her neighbor in the Shady Oaks Community said he was glad large tree limbs did not land on his mobile home or car.

Meanwhile, part of the Army National Guard Building peeled back like a sardine can. Millington Police Chief Frank Tennant assured WMC Action News 5 that no one was hurt and the building did not sustain structural damage.

"Business as usual inside," Tennant said. "It did not compromise the structure of the building at all. What you see is just the waterproof membrane that sits on top of the concrete building."

Over at the Millington airport, near the National Guard building, the stairs used to get on and off airplanes blew over.

Nearby, a railroad crossing gate blew to the other side of the pole where it got stuck. Eventually, crews were able to free the gate.

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