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MLGW: Power could be out until Friday at noon

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A Tuesday afternoon and evening of storms left Memphis without power, and people impacted may not feel air conditioning until Friday.

Thousands of people are still without power Wednesday.

Wednesday, crews scrambled to clean up downed limbs and power lines, including a huge tree that crashed down on a house on Philwood Avenue.

"This brings back memories of Hurricane Elvis for me," said Memphian Kim Trammel. "Back in 2003, I had a tree like this come through my roof. I was out of my house for six months while my house was being rebuilt, so I really feel sorry for this family."

Meanwhile, residents without power are sweating it out in the heat.

"Just trying to keep cool with a cold towel," said Memphian Logan Haase. "That's about all you can do. And make sure the animals have plenty of water and that kind of stuff."

Meanwhile, people all over the city called companies like Woodland Tree Service. They said some areas were no match for the kinds of winds that blew through the area.

MLGW officials said Tuesday's storm knocked out power to about 25,000 customers. That number dropped to about 4000 by Wednesday evening.

Memphis Light, Gas and Water is still working to restore power, but may not be able to restore everyone's power until July 17 around noon.

"I know that seems like a long period of time; however, what we have done is focused on getting the largest groups and numbers of customers on at one time, so it's going to take a little longer," said MLGW spokesperson Gale Jones Carson.

MLGW said their strategy is to focus on areas where lots of people are without power, then move to streets where only one or two residents are in the dark.

Crews made significant progress overnight, restoring power to about 21,000 customers.

"We have a minimum of 73 crews working," Carson added. "A couple of them are from out of town, and we are still working to get other crews in here to get our customer's service back on."

Click here to view the MLGW outage map, where you can click on your area to see if MLGW has updated any repair estimate times.

If you do not have power, do not assume MLGW knows. Report your outage by calling 901-528-4465.

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