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Park fighter says parks used to keep fights from homes

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One of the women from Monday’s fight caught on camera said the park is used for fights to help keep crime out of their homes.

Someone pulled out a gun during Monday’s fight at Howze Park in Binghampton.

Maresha Carter said the woman she was fighting is someone she knows.

"I walked up to her, she was ready, standing and she got what she wanted," Carter said.

According to witnesses, the fight started at the apartments across the street from the park.

In all, four women fought at the park. They punched, kicked and pulled clothes off of each other. When a man pulled a gun from his waistline, the fight stopped.

"I ain't see that part, I just heard about that part," Carter said.

Police were then called at around 7:30 p.m. Monday. When officers arrived, they didn't find anyone with a gun, so no arrests were made.

A similar scene occurred Wednesday night on Evergreen when two women started fighting outside their car. One eventually reached into her car and pulled out a gun. The fight quickly ended, but not before she pointed the gun at several people.

Carter said fights like these continue to happen because no one wants to start a fight at their apartment.

"I got my whole family staying over there at Red Oaks so we met up at the park," she said.

Police said they haven't responded to the park much in the last three months. Most of the calls come from the apartment complex next to the park.

Neighbors said they noticed a decrease in fights since the District Attorney shut down a drug house on Carpenter Street last month.

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