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Memphis City Council redistricting quandary spawns voter distrust

Rachel Knox Rachel Knox

A Memphis redistricting blunder has a city council candidate hanging in the balance. 

Council Chairman Myron Lowery sent out an email late Wednesday night that said District 2 candidate Rachel Knox is the sole candidate affected by upcoming council precinct redistricting. 

He explained that the annexation of two communities left an imbalance of voters in certain precincts so the borders would need to be adjusted in the following precincts:

Precinct                Council District

74-1                               3

87-1                               2

93-1                               2

60-3                               4

Knox says it's unclear why her name was pointed out because she lives in Precinct 81-7. 

"I'm being told by the city it's the Election Commission's problem. I'm being told by the Election Commission the city has the final say,” Knox said. "I live in precinct 81-7 so I think it might be a typo."

According to Election Commission Administrator Rich Holden, the typo is likely because Precinct 87-1 doesn't even exist.

The final council vote on district lines is August 4, but Knox's deadline to adjust her district was Thursday at noon.

Now, some are wondering if Knox is being blocked out for speaking against city employee cuts.

Council Chairman Myron Lowery said that is not true.

"That's crap. No individual was taken into consideration as we realigned these districts,” Lowery said.

He also said two factors caused the delay in the council not voting sooner-- the annexation of South Cordova and Southwind-Windyke, and the election commission's new precinct consolidation maps do not match the city council's boundaries.

Lowery recommended the council keep all qualifying candidates in place.

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