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Owners blame TDOT, in part, for dog's disappearance

(Source: Katz family) (Source: Katz family)

Ongoing TDOT construction in East Memphis causes traffic troubles for drivers, but one family blames it, in part, for the disappearance
of their beloved pet.

"I don't even know if she's alive,” Estaline Katz said. "I love her so much.”

Katz and her husband, Melvin, are beside themselves over the loss of their beloved pet, Kelly.  She is a rescued Greyhound who once ran at the West Memphis dog track. Kelly is now facing a new challenge in the family’s East Memphis neighborhood.

"She just ran right past me and that was, that was it," Katz said.

Kelly escaped last Tuesday from the Katz's own backyard, which backs up to the I-240 construction zone. Turns out, TDOT contractors removed a section of a chain link fence as part of the project. Estaline, Melvin, and their neighbors claim there wasn’t adequate warning.

“They were very nice, but it was too late for Kelly," Estaline said.

"The land owners that use that fence received certified letters making this known two weeks prior so they could make arrangements for pets," a TDOT spokesperson said in a statement

"Maybe if they fix the fence, it may save some other dog," Estaline said.

Meanwhile, she keeps fresh food out for Kelly and dozens have pitched in to pass out fliers.

"If she's not alive, I'd like to know that too."
More info on how to contact family:

Kelly the Greyhound was lost in East Memphis, Walnut Grove/N. Yates Rd area on July 7th. She is an older, tan, female Greyhound. She is gentle and friendly.
She was wearing her collar and ID tags. She could be anywhere by now. The Katz' are offering a REWARD once identifying details are provided. Please call 289-1008 if you see Kelly or know anything, or use #FindKellytheGreyhound.  The heat we are experiencing is lethal to greyhounds; we need to find her as soon as possible.  Thank you! 

Gail Black
Mel & Estaline Katz

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