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Work outside? How to bear when it's unbearable!

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This weekend's heat was truly aggressive and today will be no exception.  Luckily, after today we will start to drop a few degrees for the rest of the work week due to a few showers and storms. Even though it won't be as blazing hot as this past weekend, we will still feel on the uncomfortable side. Most of us will be inside trying to stay in the air conditioning, but what about people who have no choice but to work outside?

Construction workers, road crews, and lawn care providers are all examples of those who have a 9-to-5 exposed to the elements. In the continuing heat, these workers are the ones that are at a higher risk of heat-related illness; exposed to the temperatures and sun without any breaks. If your career takes you out into the heat, we have a few tips to maintain your health and well being this summer:

1)  First and foremost: make sure you are properly trained for the heat. Know the risk of heat illness and be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion. Keep plenty of water close by; even a few breaks here and there to take a sip or a swig will help. Check and review heat-illness treatments and have an emergency plan for severe situations.

2)  Have a spot where you can take a break from the sun. A shady spot or even a pop up canopy tent will do the trick, especially if there is no shade nearby.  Getting out of the direct sunlight can make the air temperature feel remarkably cooler and help cut down on the exposure of UV radiation.

3) Most importantly, be aware. If you think you’re overheating, get inside and start cooling down. You can also take your heart rate with your hand on your wrist by counting your heart beat.  It should not go above 110 beats per minute. Always remember: if in doubt, be on the side of caution. No job, no matter how important is worth your health in the searing heat.

There are many jobs in Memphis and the Mid-South in construction, road work, and landscaping that require workers to brave the heat and humidity. With a few friendly tips and reminders, it can be safer (and a bit more bearable!) this summer.

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

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