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#WhereIsMyMicFlag inspires #BowTieTuesday

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

Moziah Bridges, owner of Mo’s Bows, has always been known to create buzz on social media.  First, with his national appearance on Shark Tank, then with his appearance on The NBA Draft as a fashion correspondent, and now #BowTieTuesday. 

Starting this week, Mo’s Bow’s will host a scavenger hunt for one of his bow ties. 

Mo will hide a bow tie at a Memphis landmark and leave a clue on social media. If you find the bow tie, post a picture of yourself on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WheresMosBow. 

The idea, he said, came from WMC Action New 5’s Lauren Squires’ #WhereIsMyMicFlag photos.  In those posts, Lauren Squires takes a picture of her WMC Action News 5 mic flag and asks followers to guess #WhereIsMyMicFlag.

#BowTieTuesday begins Tuesday, July 21st. In the meantime, if you’d like to see more of his collection visit his website here.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram (@mosbowsmemphis) and Twitter (@MosBowsMemphis).  Oh and while you’re at it, follow Lauren Squires on Instagram (@pwrblond) and Twitter (@LaurenSquires) for more #WhereIsMyMicFlag photos.  First guess wins a virtual #High5.

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