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'Mayor of Whitehaven' robbed in broad daylight

Ms. Hazel (Source: WMC Action News 5) Ms. Hazel (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A Whitehaven woman's quick thinking may have saved her life when a man mugged her in broad daylight.

When Hazel Moore, known as "the Mayor of Whitehaven," left Peggy's restaurant on Elvis Presley Boulevard, a man pushed her to the ground.

"He was tall, and there wasn't anything I could do to get away or make a move," Moore recalled. "So, my thing was, I'm going to give him what he wants. He wants my purse, and I hope that's the only thing he wants."

The incident happened just after lunch in Whitehaven.

"I hit the ground on the hot concrete, which on my side, it blistered my side," Moore added. "And kind of bruised me."

However, it's fair to say the suspect probably messed with the wrong person. Everyone in Whitehaven knows "Ms. Hazel," and everyone watches over her.

A group of bounty hunters happened to be parked at the Visitor's Center next door.

"They were young men dressed in black, and I told them what happened, and they said immediately, 'Follow me, we got him,'" Moore said.

The bounty hunters found the suspect, called police, and helped Moore get her purse back. The money inside was gone, but Moore said that didn't bother her.

"Sometimes in life, you have got to realize that money and things aren't important," Moore explained. "I just thank God for saving my life."

In fact, Moore is most concerned about the Whitehaven community. She wants the city to do something with a nearby hotel, the American Inn, and doesn't want people to live in fear.

"My story could be a message for others," Moore said. "I can say to women, as it's been told to me, leave those pocket books at home because they are temptation."

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