Dramatic and contradictory testimony in the O.C. Smith trial

The O.C. Smith trial heated up Wednesday. There was dramatic and contradictory testimony. Even though prosecutors have not rested, one defense witness was called. He testified Smith is everything he says and more.

Prosecutors called several witnesses who testified that O.C. Smith lied about his military background as a sniper in combat who went on secret missions and wrote the Marine close-kill manual. They testified even though Smith's military fitness reports say he did all of that, the information likely came from Smith himself and was never verified. Lt. Colonel Paul Schultz, who works out of the FBI training center in Quanitco, Virginia testified he could find no record of Smith's sniper training. Lt. Col. Paul Schultz, prosecution witness said, "There's nothing that shows he was ever at our skill training. We have no manual called a kill manual." One defense witness testified that Smith did go to the sniper school at Quantico and even taught there. William Hickey who has three Purple Hearts and an Iron Cross said he knows because he was there. William Hickey, defense witness said, "One of the things was to check the ballistics he taught on silent killing. He taught the angle which you would fire to the body in order to kill a person quickly."

Defense attorneys introduced photos they say showed Smith at Quantico on the firing range and teaching. Smith's attorneys say all this testimony about Smith making up military stories is just a red herring. Jim Garts, Smith's attorney said, "They're just trying to prejudice the jury, that's what it looks like to me they're trying to do. I don't think that's relevant to this case."

Prosecutors say they're just trying to put on a complete case. Prosecutors are also likely trying to put in the jury's minds that O.C. Smith likes to make himself look like a kind of a hero getting jurors ready for testimony. That is likely to come from Psychiatrist, Dr. Park Dietz, a man who has a controversial diagnosis he will tell jurors all about.