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Bikers save woman stranded in Haywood County

(Source: WMC Action News 5's Biker Dad) (Source: WMC Action News 5's Biker Dad)

A woman got locked out of her car near Covington, Tennessee, nearly eight hours away from her home.

As she stood outside in the blazing heat--nearly in tears, without any plan or money to get help--a group of bikers surrounded her car.

Those bikers became her heroes.

In the media, bikers are synonymous with images like gang shootings or attacks on the public.

But a video out of Haywood County is also gaining popularity.

A woman was stranded and in tears. The video’s caption explained a bunch of “scary bikers surrounded her car.”

“She was scared and alone,” Heather Germain, a biker from Minnesota, said. “It was hot, middle of the day.”

Heather noticed the woman sobbing at a truck stop. The woman’s keys, wallet, and phone were locked inside her car.

Heather said she called the police, but they responded and said they couldn’t come over to help.

Then she, her husband, Mike Germain, and other bikers from across the country, like Billy Pittenger and Alejandro Martinez—NashVegas Victory Riders—rallied, getting their hands on a good old coat hanger.

Mike said they pried open the door and fished the woman’s keys out.

“When something positive happens, people want to grab onto it,” says Heather.

She adds that people shouldn’t be so surprised.

“When people see the leather, the black, the loud bikes, what they maybe don’t understand is that day, we were riding for charity,” Mike shared.

So what is the moral of the story?

“Whether it’s bikers or religion or race, see beyond the surface and get to know the people or the person,” Heather said. “I think we’d be a much better society that way.”

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