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Police chasing suspect on Chelsea Avenue

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A man running from police raced through a Memphis neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

"He was coming from down there, went around, and back of that house right there," said a witness who did not want to show her face or be identified. "Next thing you know, he had jumped the fence."

The witness said the man is still at large in her neighborhood.

"When I first saw him running down the street I was in my bedroom, sitting on my bed," said the witness. "That's when I saw him."

Just before 1 p.m., police responded to the 3000 block of Chelsea Avenue for a domestic argument.  Officers said a man and his girlfriend were fighting over keys to her car.  When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered the man had a number of active warrants.

The man then ran away.

"I got up to come to the door to see which way he went," the witness added. "He was gone out of sight."

Police began searching the area of Pope Street and Chelsea Avenue. When they started to leave, WMC Action News 5 crews on the scene heard what sounded like a single gun shot.

Witnesses then said a man appeared from under a house on Pope Street. The man then hid behind a house and jumped in a ditch moments before police came back.

Police do not have a clear identity for the man yet.  Officers said he isn't in custody yet.

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