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Accused rapist, Mark Giannini, released from jail

(Photo Source: SCSO) (Photo Source: SCSO)

An accused rapist is out of jail on bond as of Thursday afternoon.

Shelby County Sheriff's Office said Mark Giannini was released from 201 Poplar just after 1 p.m after spending more than half a year behind bars.

"After spending seven months in 201, particularly being a man, a respected businessman most of his life, all of his life, and to have spent seven months in 201 Poplar, he was very glad to be leaving," Giannini's attorney William Massey said.

Giannini is a businessman from Eads, Tennessee. He pleaded not guilty to raping three women.

"It has definitely been different around here without him around," Giannini's neighbor Chad Collins said. "We never really knew of any of those allegations that were going on. We would see cars going in and out."

Last week, a judge ruled Giannini had the funds to get out on bond. The businessman's bond was set for $3 million.

"They want a deed of trust on properties," Massey explained. "They want to be covered for the collateral; they want to be fully collateralized. And then, with the cash as well, for the premium, there was a lot to do, particularly in regard to the properties."

Initially, the judge did not want to allow Giannini to put up his Eads property, but Massey said that they worked things out.

The next step in Giannini's case is a court hearing scheduled for next month. Massey said the case most likely won't go to trial until next year.

Meanwhile, the prosecution's case has many salacious details that will come out when they do, eventually, go to trial.

"I don't foresee any circumstances in which this case will not go to trial," Massey said. "So it's going to go. It's going to go."

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