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Excessive heat warning this weekend

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It’s July in the Mid-South and the heat is probably starting to feel like that annoying friend that you can’t get to stop texting you. However, this is the time of year when the high temperatures and humidity result in a life-threatening cocktail of heat indices in the triple digits. An excessive heat warning is in effect until Sunday at 8 PM, but we are expecting this to be extended into the work week. This will be an extended period time of oppressive heat that could last all the way through Wednesday. Heat index values will be up to 113 degrees in some areas this weekend. You’re probably pretty used to the heat advisories at this point, but an excessive heat warning is beyond that level and will require you to change your plans. We aren’t just talking about limiting your time outside, we are suggesting you try to completely avoid any outdoor activities this weekend! The hottest part of the day will be between 10 AM and 7 PM, so at the very least try to stay in an air conditioned indoor area during that block of time.

Once the heat index goes above 105 degrees, there is a sharp increase in heat related illnesses and deaths. We say it all of the time, but it’s especially important to put some of the normal tips into practice. You need to limit your time in the direct sunlight and drink plenty of water. As always, check on your friends, family and neighbors. In addition, children can get over heated much more quickly than adults, so constantly remind your kids to drink water and to take breaks. 

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