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Darrius Stewart's mother hires high profile attorney

(Source: William Murphy Jr.) (Source: William Murphy Jr.)

As family and friends of 19-year-old Darrius Stewart continue to grieve, Stewart's mother hired Baltimore lawyer William Murphy Jr. to defend her son's case.

"We're looking for justice," said Murphy. "Something happened that should not have happened. That much we do know."

Murphy said he cannot discuss the particulars of the case, but he has met with Darrius' mother in Memphis.

"Presumably, it's wrong to shoot an unarmed man," Murphy added. "It's not in a position to apply deadly force."

Investigators haven't said much about Stewart or the officer's behavior during the stop. Murphy feels there a lot of questions that need answers.

"What were some of the alternatives he had?" Murphy explained. "This kid was not armed. He wasn't a threat to the officer's life."

A juvenile complaint out of Iowa from 2009 shows that Darrius Stewart was wanted for sexual abuse. Stewart's family members denied those claims, saying they are false. Meanwhile, neither the Memphis Police Department nor the Shelby County District Attorney's office have released anything new about their investigation.

"If we believe that there is grounds to file a lawsuit, then that's what we're going to do," said Murphy.

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