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Gym members on alert after LA Fitness shooting

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A gunman is still on the loose after killing Vicdarius Pollard at LA Fitness last week.

While family members said they are seeking justice for the death, gym members still have trouble believing what happened.

"A gun, a gun in the gym. I want to lose weight. It’s like really? Here in the gym, you want to work out and it’s like eight shots going off-- really?" said Meredith Charleston, who is an LA Fitness member.

According to police, Pollard was shot after exchanging words with a young man on the basketball court. According to witnesses, the gunman went to his car, got a gun and came back inside to shoot Pollard.

"You know, it’s senseless how these young kids are acting,” said LA Fitness member Keith Pollard.

Witnesses said the gunman ran away on foot. Some members said they are concerned that so little information has been released about the suspect and that he is still on the run.

“It really does surprise me, because from what they say, the guys pulled up in their car and they left on foot.  So you know within this vicinity, somebody should have been caught by now," said member Ravi Elliot.

Some said that as long as the gunman is on the loose, people in the community will feel threatened.

"I mean, of course it bothers me, because not only my safety is at risk, my children and everybody else," said member Brandi Hill.

Other long-time members said that despite the gun violence, LA Fitness remains a place they feel is safe to work out.

"You know, it's sad that that happened, but you know you just have some crazy people out here like that so, no, it’s not going to steer me from working out," Elliot said.

Police said they have surveillance tape from the day Pollard was killed. Officers also said they know of a possible suspect, but are not releasing details at this time.

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