Different denominations are joining forces for your child's future

Members of the faith-based community in the Mid-South are on a mission to keep kids off the streets. Different denominations are joining forces for your child's future. Almost 200 people from various denominations in the faith-based community--ministers, youth leaders and law enforcement gathered for one purpose. Tony Wade, Renewed Hope In Christ Ministries said, "We're losing our children. And so it's not about the doctrines we have with our differences in denominations, it's about saving a kids life whether they know Christ or not." It's the first Memphis and Shelby County summit on youth development. Gene Fentres, Urban Youth Initiative said, "The ministers and citizens of Memphis are recognizing the crisis we are looking at, with so many at risk youth, somebody needs to take the lead. If the churches don't do it, who will?" Community leaders gathered to brainstorm and share ideas on how to reach Mid-South children. Organizers say this collaboration is just the beginning. Participants with take information they gathered here back to their communities and start alternative programs for children. They want to give children alternatives to gangs, educate them about teen pregnancies and put an end to killings.